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Speaker Harness

I have a 2017 Chevrolet Malibu LS. I want to change the factory speakers. What model speaker Harnesses do I need?

Sumone please help me ive been searching everywhere to find out so im not messing up electronics in car cuz wired wrong so please help cuz its way too much to hire an expert or electrictian for autos is expensive by hr so im not doin thst when i van do same with knowlege
I need wire colors for speakers in my 2006 chevy hhr lt. Its missing connectors behind radio so i need to no how to install my 7" bluetooth reciever. Thsnks road noise is killing me and silence i have no radio so please help i got all other wires ran to batt with fuse and a good gnd so i just need to know what speaker wire colors are behind radio cuz they arent same as doors wires
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