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I put in an order yesterday for speakers and a stereo but it says I need to verify and I didnt get the email for verification and then the website freezes up and I cant click on anything. I want my money back.

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Crazy thing is in the past I have never had any issues with purchasing things from them and we have purchased pretty frequently and all a sudden I am starting to run into the same issues with them. It was supposed to give you a number to contact to verify information that I guess doesn’t match something so they can make sure there isn’t someone else who says they are you using your info or your account info. I had to do that last week yet they said it would take up to 72 hours to get a delivery confirmation and I have yet to receive it. And now calling them all a sudden the numbers I have are not working. I would definitely like to get a refund as well and I will purchase elsewhere.

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Ive got a customer who has been waiting for a 8 days will be 9 tomorrow and still havent received a tracking email. 3 days ago on my 7th 20 minute hold time I finally spoke to a rude employee working from home. that told me my order was ready just sitting in the warehouse They are only allowing a certain amount of people in to ship and pickup. So my 2to3 day was over 5 days ago. All I wanted was an answer about a time frame and he told me repeatedly he had no answers and hung up on me.

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I have lost business due to this please return my money.

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I’m in the same boat guys I don’t even get and employee to answer but they ship the wire harness but not my radio
They are garbage, im having same issue and can't get ahold of anyone so i have to get bank to block and refund charges as fraud
I'm still waiting my shit hasn't shipped been waiting for 7 day no change. Tomorrow I'm driving my ass to Louisville to either get my shit, my money, or file charges
I have a small car audio shop and have ordered from them a few times before to keep my prices down never had a problem till now and they are horrible. I'll post a update tomorrow and let everyone know what happened

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