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I have a 2014 ford focus hatchback with the Sony sound,everything is factory stock and looking to up grade the audio..not so much the HU,tweets,or mid range but mainly just wanting to add some Subs,2 12's or even a 15 but I'm not stuck on just that,I just want bass and something loud without breaking the any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have a 1998 Honda Passport with speakers in the door and speakers in the roof . It says 5.25 speakers work but they're really too small they don't line up with any bolt holes 6 1/2 * too big so it's a little bit of custom work you have to do with the 5.25 speakers I used drywall screws to drill through the plastic to create my own hole and also use rubber insert around the inside of the opening in the door to make the speaker fit better. Otherwise you have a gap all the way around the 5.25 speaker. Just a little tip I thought someone could use.
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