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Car audio subwoofer vs home audio subwoofer

I'm trying to plan out a subwoofer build for my home audio, im thinking a dual 15" box with a 1000w Dayton plate amp, anyway PE has there own line of subwoofers and there kinda pricey imo, especially there badboy ultimax...I'm sure there good n all but the performance/price/selection ratio on car audio subs seems to be a better value? Is there any difference between home and non competition SPL oriented car audio subwoofers sound wise... Ive hooked my Polk db12 to a plate amp in my house and sounded fine... The other I'm looking for a discreet understated labeling sub so it will look tastefully in a home theater no bright colors or flashy logos, a simple brand logo on dust cap is acceptable. The NVX VSW154v2 looks perfect I love the smooth cone so between the specs and looks it seems to be an ideal option but I don't know anything about it or it's characteristics, I see it has a 750 or something RMS rating so 2 on a 1000w plate amp should be good match. But Is this a very powerful sub would 2 in a home theater really do some serious clean DEEP lfe? Its priced pretty low is that a indication of it's performance or is it just a great value? If I already posted this I'm sorry I couldn't remember.
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