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Driver for powered home sub

I'm trying to put together a plan for a home theater subwoofer, I was thinking dual 12s for budget reasons but I did see the NVX "vsw154v2" it there 15", it looks decent is affordable and being all black and dust capless it looks understated which is a plus I don't want it to look like a car sub in a house. Anyway how good is this sub? Will it work good with heavy low frequency movie type rumbles or will it start flapping? I want something decent not entry level subs I will be using with a Bash or Dayton 500w RMS plate amp. Also is there a performance level of sub that would better for quality sound? I've heard these giant magnet fat roll SPL subs actually don't produce optimal sound and not very efficient there more oriented towards just big watts and being loud. Would maby not the big boys and not cheapie entry level subs but the middle level performance would be best for a mix of good deep powerful bass, but still responsive quality sound? My current sub is a BIC pl200 it has a 12" driver 250w RMS bash amp it's really good but I want more.

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